By providing you with a bird’s eye view of your network, our network management system software can help you reduce network downtime. We can provide statistics on the number of operational and non-operational devices, as well as the status and operational history of specific devices

From that information, we can log queries, maintenance work orders and confirm whether an issue lies with the fibre network owner or the internet service provider, or if power is down in a particular area. We can establish if a single device is affected by a particular problem or if a number of devices in a street is experiencing the same problem. This will also assist in proactively controlling any changes in your network with preventative maintenance.

For ease of use, we work on a google maps interface and our software can fully integrate into our FNO’s support software. Furthermore, our product can generate a fully interactive reporting layer with customised reports and dashboards according to our customer’s needs. This platform facilitates accurate, faster business decisions.