The installation process for an FNO is complex due to the involvement of various parties like accounts, external contractors, internal teams, technicians and customers. Through our optical fibre management system, we give each individual or company relevant information during each step of the process. Our software manages and assists in scheduling installations and communicating with your customers.

This process typically starts once fibre is active in an area.Our software will facilitate customer sign ups in three steps:


Customers specify and then confirm their address in order to verify that fibre is available for that particular address. Our software can integrate with Google, and if needed, it can also link into existing municipal databases.


Personal details (like names and contact details) are captured according to the fibre network operator’s specific requirements


A customer must then select a product according to their specific needs (speed, uncapped, unshaped)

Once the product is selected it goes into the software’s installation work order. All external contractors are added to the work order via a downloadable app on their mobile phones. This gives technicians easy access to their work orders, they can update their progress on site and add notes that will remain on record for future inquiries.

This app allows technicians to work on site instead of constantly returning to the office to update records.

The Fibre Network Management Software will greatly reduce errors and speed up installation while creating a summary and history of the entire installation in order to assist with any query or audit.

By using the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode recognition technology, we can link a specific device to a specific address/customer. Once the installation process has been completed, the system can then automatically configure the consumer device to activate the service. This will drastically reduce errors and time to go live. An installation work order process can only be closed once installation is complete.