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The Automation Exchange Fibre Network Management System (FNMS) provides our clients with a complete solution to take a fibre network from inception, through home installation, and into network monitoring and billing. We also provide interconnect services to a number of ISPs, allowing you to create an open access network and fibre services to your customers with minimal hassle.

Kilometers of Monitored Fibre

Managed Areas

Active Users

When rolling out a fibre network, the key to profitability to is to identify geographical areas where potential customers are willing and able to sign up for fibre based services. The FNMS provides you a simple and accurate tool with which potential customers can indicate their interest in, and even provisionally sign up for, fibre services in their area. This allows you to use verified data to aid in deciding which area to next roll out in.

Once the next roll out area has been identified and the fibre trenched, the FNMS will assist your installation teams in scheduling installations and communicating with your customers through a customizable work order process. The relevant parties will be notified and the necessary information gathered through each step of the work order process. A complete summary and history will be available to assist in any queries or audits that may arise from the process. Once the installation process has been completed, the system can then automatically configure the consumer device to activate the service.

A network is only as good as its uptime. The FNMS provides you with a bird’s eye view of your network, providing statistics on the number of operational and non-operational devices, as well as the status and operational history of specific devices.

Since the FNMS tracks the installation and connection process from the start, it allows us to provide you with up to date billing information with which to bill the users on your network. Integrations with SAP and Sage allows billing at the click of a button.

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